Evoke Inspired Marketing is a growing marketing firm located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. 


Specializing in brand strategy, market research, and creative content, we pride ourselves in creating unique and practical marketing solutions for our clients.

Evoke Inspired Marketing owner, Brooke Hawker, started the firm after graduating with a B.B.A. in Business Management and Marketing.  Brooke saw the need for quality, effective, and innovative marketing in Southern Alberta. Being raised in an entrepreneurial family, Brooke witnessed the struggles of business owners trying to maintain and grow their operations without sacrificing quality of work. Evoke Inspired Marketing provides organizations the opportunity to work with Creatives who are as practical as they are inspired.



Evoke's Marketing Philosophy



Don’t throw darts in the dark. Before spending time and money on implementing any marketing activity, it is important to determine its purpose. The practical application of statistics not only provides a baseline for evaluating campaign success, but it also guides all communications to ensure they are effective and consistent with your target audience. Research information creates ambitious but attainable goals for your marketing activities.


Clever and Inspired work is what marketing is all about! Evoking a connection with your audience in a creative way is good business, and it will separate your organization from its competitors. Every business is different and their marketing communications should reflect those differences in unique and practical ways. 


Implementing successful marketing campaigns is all about being in the right place at the right time. Utilizing proper research, you can plan to release your creative communications for maximum effectiveness. But as always, your plan is only as good as you are at working it. Plan your work and work your plan!  


Marketing is an investment and as such, all activities need to be evaluated based on their return. There are various tools and analytics to manage campaigns and measure success, along with good old-fashioned feedback.