Marketing Philosophy


Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Are we repeating ourselves? Good! So many businesses miss the mark with their messaging because they are flying by the seat of their pants. Please do not be swayed by persuasive advertising salespeople or the random acquaintance telling you where your business “should be”. Stop the madness and really evaluate how you are marketing your business, where your target audience notices your message, and what is or isn’t working. Set a budget for the money and time you can afford to dedicate to your marketing efforts, and then get creative!

A Brand Strategy sets the foundation for all of your business marketing activities. The strategy should outline your marketing goals, the purpose of the organization, a defined target audience, the general concept of the brand, and 4-6 brand values. With this document, you can create a verbal identity guide, a plan for social media, or an annual marketing plan that all work together to achieve a cohesive marketing message.

\(Image - iceberg with the top “ social media, billboards, radio, logo, graphics” and the bottom “purpose, goals, values, ideal client, characteristics”)

Think of your marketing like an iceberg. Above the water is all the marketing activities people can see, but there is so much more that goes into it! Underneath the water is your brand strategy, all of the intelligent thought and creativity that went into creating meaningful and purposeful marketing.